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Baking: Mini Triple Layer Red Velvet Cakes

We had a friend's bridal shower and what better way to celebrate then by making mini cakes she can cut and enjoy with her friends.
See below on how to get these delicious and beautiful triple layer fondant red velvet cakes!



Chicago Metallic Multi Tier Cake Pan, 4 Pan, 10.6" x 9.60" x 4.5"
(2) Boxes of Duncan Hines Signature, Red Velvet Cake Mix
(3) Cake Mate Icing Tubes
Cake Mate Decorating Tips
(2) Boxes of Wilton Rolled Fondant 
Wilton Fondant Roller 
Wilton Fondant Smoother 
Icing Spatula

Decorations: (Party City)

Thin Black Ribbon
Confetti Gems 
Wedding Plates (for bride and groom cutout)
Pack of Engagement Ring Decorations
Champagne Candle Party Favor 
Wilton Sprinkles, White Sugar Pearls 
Wilton Red Color Mist, Food Color Spray 


Take two boxes of Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix and prepare the batter. Next sprinkle the cake pan with flour to prevent them from sticking. Pour the batter into the pan 3/4 of the way. The cake rises and you can not fill the pan to the top or it will overflow! Pour the extra batter into a small pan. The cakes take around 35 minutes to bake. Check if the cake is ready by sticking a toothpick in the center of each cake. It should come out clean. Once ready let the cakes cool.

Cut each tier and then frost them with the Cake Mate icing. Warm the icing for 5 seconds to melt it, making it easier to spread the frosting evenly with the spatula. Now your ready to cover it with fondant!

Open the ready rolled white fondant and knead it until it's soft. Then coat your counter and roller with confectionary sugar to prevent it from sticking. Once you've rolled out the fondant place it on top of the individual cakes. Flatten the top with your fondant smoother then push the sides in. Cut off the excess with a sharp knife. Tuck the fondant under and mold it in place. Squeeze icing in between the cakes and layer them on top of each other. The hard work is done! 

Now is when the fun begins. Start by dotting icing on the ribbon and stick it around each layer. 
Design each cake to your desired style.

Bow Wrapped Cake with Bride and Groom Cutout:

Separate fondant into little pieces and roll them into balls. Glue them on with icing onto the cake. Take a piece of ribbon, make a bow, and stick it onto the middle tier. Now, top it off with the bride and groom cutout. Take your plate and cut out the bride and groom. Scotch tape a toothpick behind the cutout and stick in the center top tier!

Quilted Pearl Champagne Rose Cake:

Make the quilted texture by taking a toothpick and indenting the sides one diagonal at a time. Once done, stick a pearl sprinkle into each corner. Now, take a small piece of fondant and twirl it into a rose. After, spray them with red food color spray and let dry. Finally, stick the champagne bottle on with icing.

Sparkling Engagement Ring Cake:

Dot icing around each tier and glue on each diamond. Now, insert the diamond ring and you're done!

Photo Diary: City at Night

It's that time of year where the city starts to shine brighter during the holiday season.
I tend to wear more black in the winter to keep warm so I rely on colored skirts to keep it from going too dark :)

Coat - Zaras
Skirt - Zaras
Flats - Gap
Bag - Fashion Stud

We passed by this cafe on the cute?

The one and only Empire State Building :)

Printed Skirt

I loved this printed skirt and wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple so it can stand out.
I chose to wear it with black and white. Simply chic.

Asos Top (old)  |  Target Skirt  |  Aldo Pumps  |  Gap Jacket 

Holiday Guide: Gifts

The season is drawing upon us and here is a head start on what to get for family and friends :)

How to Wear: Black + Blue

I used to think black and blue? No way. These days the fashion rules from five years ago have changed. No more "black can not be seen with blue". I wanted the cobalt to pop out. No better way than against black! Nice and crisp. What fashion rules have you broken? If you love it then go ahead and wear it!

Jacket: Paperwhite (Fox's)
Skirt: Romeo & Juliet
Booties: Betsey Johnson
Bag: Forever 21
Necklace: Fashion Stud
Coat: Zaras

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