DIY: Lucite Clutch

A lucite clutch is perfect for evenings plus the gold foil adds a classic, old glamour touch!


- X-ACTO Paper Trimmer (an X-ACTO knife and mat will work too)
- Gold Foil (I found these in a trimming store)
- Acrylic Box (I got mine here)
- Gold Fastener/Clasp (can be found in a button store)
- Leather Ribbon
- E600 Craft Adhesive

Start by measuring your gold small strips needed for the edges of the front and back of the box. Next, measure the larger strips needed for the left and right sides of the box. Follow the ruler on the trimming board and cut the strips to size. 

Next, apply the glue with a q-tip to the edges.

Apply the gold strips to the glued area and smooth over with leveled surface to smooth out any bubbles.

Do the same for the left and right side of the box. 

Now, glue on the clasp and let it dry completely before you move on to the next step. Tip: to make sure the clasp is centered take piece of paper and mark the space with a pen from the middle to the end of the box with the edge of the paper against the left side of the clasp. Do the same for the right side to make sure they are both evenly spaced.  

Next, punch a hole in the ribbon or clip a hole with a scissor. Glue on the ribbon to the edge of the lid and let dry completely (make sure it doesn't sit past the gold foil so it remains hidden).

Once completely dry, close the lid by fastening the ribbon to the clasp and snap it closed. Done!

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