DIY: Rhinestone and Leather Bracelets


- Leather Trim
- Rhinestones (colored and clear)
- Closures (claws and clasps)
- Rings
- Plier
- E6000 Adhesive

First, take the trim and place it around your wrist for size. Then cut to desired length. Start glueing on the stones
with a q-tip. (Tip: place to heavy objects on left and right of the trim to keep it flat and taught.)

Once dry, take your claw closure and place it at the end of the trim. Squeeze both ends with a plier and
make sure it's tight and snug. Do the same to the other side.

Now, connect the claw closure to a ring.  Do the same to the other side while also connecting
the ring to a clasp closure.

Do the same for the other bracelets and you're done!

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