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You know those days when you have the perfect top and shoes you've paired together and can't find a neutral skirt? This is when a gold skirt comes in handy plus it adds a luxe feel to any every day outfit. So, when I saw this gold mini out of the corner of my eye, I grabbed two and had my tailor add it on to increase the length! Of course, soon after shopping online did I find a few modest options. If you crave one you can get 'em sans tailor. Woot, woot.

H&M Necklace and Cube Ring  \  Forever 21 Bracelets

H&M Pearl Ring  \  F21 Geometric Ring


  1. Cute skirt but it's your jacket that caught my eye. What a great pea coat! Amazing color and find

  2. Absolutely love the combination of green, gold and white!

    X, Marky

  3. Such a marvellous colour combination!


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