DIY: Faux Fur and Snakeskin Satchel


- Small Satchel (F21)
- Faux Fur Trim, 1 yard (Joyce Trimming - 109 W 38th St)
- Snakeskin Trim, 1/2 yard (B&Q Trim - 102 W 38th St)
- Red Leatherette Trim, 1/2 yard (Joyce Trimming)
- Gold Chain, 1 yard (Toho Shoji - 990 Ave of Americas)
- 2 Gold Clasps (Toho Shoji)
- Api's Crafter's Pick Glue
- Small Brush, Pliers

Start by cutting off the satchel strap and replace it with the gold links. Open two links on both ends with pliers and insert the clasps and tighten well. Attach the clasps to both sides of the satchel.

Measure the width and length of the flap cover and outline with a pen on the
back of the snakeskin trim. Cut to desired size.

Place the glue on the back of the trim and spread evenly with the brush.

Now place the trim on the cover flap and set in place.

Do the same for the red trim and faux fur. 

The faux fur is placed section by section. Under the flap, cut two for each side of the gold plaque (place vertically) and one for the bottom (placed horizontally).


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